August 21 Change Log

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Teltonika wiki change log > August 21 Change Log


1. Updated FMM640 and FMC640 power consumption values:

2. Dual Cam solution installation scheme was improved, more details were shown what wirings cables must be connected from the device side:

3. Supported tachographs and formats paragraph has been updated:

4. Firmware and configuration versions has been updated in DualCam RS232 camera support paragraph:

5. Updated Configurator page, added 1.7.22_B.3.27_R.21 cfg. version for the devices, which have been updated to 3.27.07.Rev.00 base:

6. Description fix (weight 52 g -> 55 g External GNSS antenna -> Internal GNSS antenna), External antenna deleted from Package contents:


7. Updated parameter 801 max value:

8. Updated parameter 235 max value:

9. The condition for obtaining a VIN parameter has been clarified:

10. Added Ignition On Counter AVL ID 449:

11. Added FMM640 and FMC640 power consumption values at 24V external power supply:

12. Updated FMB640 power consumption values at 12V external power supply:

13. Added power consumption values at 24V external power supply:


14. Updated ADAS wiki page and certificates added:


15. Added 03.27.07.Rev.00 description in Firmware Errata and Product Change Notifications (PCN) pages for the FMB900, FMB920, FMB11, FMB120, FMB122, FMB125, FMB130, FMB010, FMB001 and FMT100 devices:


16. FMX640 PCN updated regarding new casing:

17. FMX640 PCN updated due to SMA soldering changes:

18. 03.27.07.Rev.00 added to Firmware errata for FMU/C/M1YX, FMM001, updated PCN pages:


19. Created new web page – TSM232-Hybrid:

20. Created new web page – Tachograph files download with Wialon platform:

21. Pages added FMB202 Parameter list and FMB204 Parameter list: