Command: getinfo


RTC:2017/6/16 7:13 Init:2017/6/16 5:44 UpTime:4744s PWR:PwrVoltage RST:0 GPS:2 SAT:0 TTFF:0 TTLF:0 NOGPS: 1:18 SR:0 FG:200 FL:0 SMS: 3 REC:42 MD:1 DB:0

Response details Description Example
RTC RTC time. RTC:2017/6/16 7:13
Init Device initialization time. Init:2017/6/16 5:44
UpTime Total up time (in seconds). UpTime:4744s
PWR Last restart reason. PWR:PwrVoltage
RST Total abnormal restarts count. RST:0
GPS GPS receiver state.

0 – OFF
1 – ON without fix
2 – ON with fix
3 – Sleep mode

SAT Satellites in use. SAT:0
TTFF Time To First Fix. TTFF:0
TTLF Time To Last Fix. TTLF:0
NOGPS How much time no GPS fix (h:min). NOGPS: 1:18
SR Number of Sent Records. SR:0
FG Failed GPRS counter. FG:200
FL Failed link counter. FL:0
SMS Sent SMS counter. SMS :3
REC Records Found – number of records in the memory. REC:42
MD Data Mode state.

0 – Home and Stop
1 – Home and Moving
2 – Roaming and Stop
3 – Roaming and Moving
4 – Unknown and Stop
5 – Unknown and Moving

DB DB Values:

0 – SD Card used for records
1 – RAM Drive used for records