FM36M1 Read records

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When the FM36M1 is working in offline mode, it can save up to 3854 records. Since these records are not sent to the server, they can be downloaded directly to connected computer using USB connection. When you connect FM36M1 device, FM36M1 Configurator appears with additional option "Read Records”

FM36 rec 1.jpg

After device is switched on, you have to wait 3 minutes for device to startup. Only then it is possible to download records. If the memory is fully filled, the records reading may take several minutes. After reading records, all records are deleted from the device memory. Data records are stored in a binary file on your PC. You can upload these records from file to TAVL server and access all the data from TAVL. TAVL client application lets user to use the following features:

  • Import data file saved from the device to the TAVL;
  • Preview track of the imported data;
  • Generate reports of the imported data.

More details on how to use TAVL application please refer to “TAVL Manual” documentation or its later versions. It can be configured to acquire and send data to server. It will be possible to store up to 3854 data records if GSM is not available at the moment. It will send data later when GPRS is available again. Note that FM36M1 can have memory full of records. In such a case it will start deleting oldest records in order to save new ones. Sending all the data records to server may take some time. Sending 3854 records for FM36M1 may take for about 5 hour (exact time may differ depending on GPRS/server load).