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We are always improving our devices performance, stability and reliability. That’s why Teltonika is one of the leading GNSS trackers manufacturers in the world.
This document describes FM63YX<ref>FM63XX – FMB630, FM6300, FM6320.</ref> devices firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

Firmware versioning

  • Structure
  • Syntax description
    • XX – client number. Value range: 00 - Teltonika, 02...99 - Specific clients.
    • YY – branch number, shows major changes in firmware, i.e. new module support added or new major feature added.
    • ZZ – major changes like bigger fixes, improvements and new features addition.

Firmware versions

(Current firmware release version for FM63YX)
  • Tachograph driver data handling improvements
  • Tacho download improvements
  • Tachograph data reading improvement
  • CAN functionality improvements
  • Ignition detection improvements
  • FMS monitoring and scanning improvements
  • Timestamp generation improvements
  • Configuration file security improvement
  • New FMS IO element Tell tale added
  • AutoCAN, ManualCAN improvements
  • Carrier functionality added
  • GPS functionality improvements
  • GPS stability improvements
  • Modem stability improvements
  • Ping functionality added
  • New baud rates added
  • K-Line periodic record added
  • New CAN modes added
  • Sleep modes improvements
  • Bluetooth improvements
  • Configuration improvements
  • GPRS data limit improvements
  • Immobilizer scenario improvements
  • Tacho download improvements
  • FMS elements improvements
  • Profile change improvements
  • Dual SIM functionality improvements
  • Operator search algorithm improvements
  • SMS/GPRS commands optimization
  • Tacho front panel support added
  • Data sending improvements
  • Jamming functionality improvements
  • Odometer improvements
  • Accelerometer calibration added
  • TCP Link mode improvements
  • Tachograph data reading improvements
  • Fuel counter functionality improvements
  • Alternative DDD file selection added
  • Modem stability improvement
  • Accelerometer improved
  • Functionality for sending 0 value added for CAN/AutoCan
  • Tachograph data reading improvement
  • Records saving, deleting improvements
00.02.72 2018.01.15
  • Configuration saving changes
  • Profile switching improved
  • Tachograph files sending improvement
  • K-line records saving changed
  • Communication with server improved
  • New parameters for taking picture with camera
  • GSM modem stability increased
  • Command „setdigout“ improvements
00.02.67 2017.11.22
  • MVC functionality to send picture in roaming
  • Geofence allow negative coordinates
  • VIN and VRN I/O parameters added to KLINE elements
  • Network ping timeout parameter removed
  • NITZ time synchronization use UTC time
  • Tacho periodical Kline record is sent only if any kline element is enabled and tacho has valid data to save GPRS data
  • Getstatus command updated with more info
  • GPRS session closing improved for all modem types
  • New SMS commands introduced
  • New IO parameters added
  • Trip odometer/Continuous odometer improvement
  • GPRS WeekTime removed
  • DDD download improvement
  • UDP data sending improvement
  • TCP link mode data sending improved
  • GPRS connection handling improved
  • SMS event functionality improved
00.02.42 2017.08.11
  • Dual server support added
  • iButton support improved adding full DS19 family
  • NITZ Time Sync added
  • Towing detection added
  • Online deep sleep added (FMB630 only)
  • RS485 Modes functioning improvements
  • MCAN configuration improvements
  • Records management improvements
  • Deep sleep functionality improvements
  • RS232 TCP link modes buffering parameter added
  • WebDDD functionality improvements
00.02.32 2017.07.05
  • LVCAN CNG reading added
  • DTC Error codes read added sms "faultcodes"
  • DTC buffer overflow check added
  • Added Call Trigger functionality for DIN1/DIN2/DIN3/DIN4
  • Quectel open socket local port set to 0
  • BT Headset support improvements
  • SMS functionality improvements
  • FMB630 Black list operator GPRS blocking optimization
  • Multi Sockets for FM6300 improvements
  • LVCAN AVL ID list changes
  • Records sending from SD via UDP optimization
  • LLS via RS232, address configuration not needed now
  • iButton Configuration via SMS "setparam" fix
  • GPRS open procedure improvement
  • GPRS close procedure on failed link starts after 5 failed connections instead of 10
  • VDO/SRE parsers improved
  • K-Line data saving improvements
  • LVCAN/K-Line data reading improvements
  • Zero coordinates handling improvements
00.02.27 2017.06.14
  • Added Bluetooth headset support
  • K-Line data cleaning added
  • COM1 communication optimization
  • WT^I command improvement
  • Zero coordinates handling improvements
  • KLINE IO elements optimized
  • SMS functionality improvements
  • Not needed functions/parameters removed
  • CAN settings improvements
  • SD support optimization
  • Improved Quectel GNSS support
  • Tachograph functionality improvements
  • SimPin status check for second sim slot optimized
00.02.22 2017.05.17
  • TG1000 Support added
  • Quectel GNSS support added
  • Bluetooth log functionality added
  • Added WT^I: command support to LCD and TCP link modes
  • Added GPRS commands support over UDP protocol
  • New FM6300 hardwares 9,10,11 support added
  • Device configuration handling improvements
  • USB, COM1 communication optimization
  • Battery support improvements
  • GNSS structure load optimization
  • iButton detection improvements
00.02.15 2017.04.18
  • Added MCAN/FMS selection for CAN2 parameter
  • Tachograph functionality improvements
  • Operator search algorithm improvements
  • GPRS commands optimization
  • J1708 functionality improvement
  • LV-CAN support improvements
00.02.13 2017.03.29
  • Added WT^P, WT^M, WT^G commands support in LCD and TCP link modes
  • Full support of CAN Silent mode added
  • iButton notification scenario added
  • 6 Dallas temp sensors support added
  • TACHOGRAPH resume to remote session while data downloading added
  • SMS odoset <value> added
  • TACHOGRAPH auto connect to server improvements. Tachograph functionality improvements
  • Stoneridge SE5000 k-line data parsing improvements
  • REC search from FLASH improved
  • UDP packet size limit changed
  • CAN/LV-CAN200 functions improvements
  • FOTA functionality improvements
  • Static Navigation improvements
  • Eventual SMS logic optimization. SMS functionality improvements
  • Camera function optimization
  • TCP Link Mode improvements
  • Network Ping Tmo Default Value set to "0"(Disabled)
  • Sending records from SD card to UDP server improved
  • Changes profile without time synchronization if event is set on switch
00.01.15 2016.12.27
  • GPRS functionality improvement
00.01.10 2016.12.27
  • Geofencing over speeding added
  • Configuration backup after configurator added
  • Added jamming sensitivity configuration
  • Added Operator Black list functionality
  • Network type IO element added
  • Camera image by configurable timeout added
  • Remember Ibutton ID parameter added
  • WebDDD support added
  • Added new functionality via COM1\2 port for LCD duplicate records
  • TM25Q support added
  • Added Acceleration/Deceleration IO elements and functionality
  • Deep sleep improvements
  • setparam sms will accept '?' for parameters which value must be left untouched then making configuration
  • Digital outputs control improvements
  • setdigout GPRS command rework
  • Configurator operation timeout via COM1/COM2 bug fixed
  • AVL packet size depends of hardware. Now it fits to maximum modem packet size
  • HW detection improvements
  • USB packet handling changed
  • Dallas temperature sensor logic improved. Dallas temperature sensors sms commands improvements
  • Remote log improvements
00.00.51 2016.09.20
  • Camera functionality improvements
00.00.49 2016.09.01
  • Remote log added
  • K-Line support added
  • Debug added for Accelerometer
  • Authorized phone number protection added
  • ECO driving scenario improvements
  • Autogeofence improvements
  • Static navigation function optimization
  • setparam validation added for KLINE, CAN, IO
  • Tacho KLINE data reading optimization
  • SD card support improvements
  • CAN/AutoCAN improvements
  • SMS functionality improvements
  • IO elements configuration optimization
  • FOTA functionality improvements
  • Record search algorithm optimization
  • Excessive idling functionality improvement
  • Immobilizer functionality improvements
  • RS485 LLS support improvements
  • Operator list loading optimization
  • Deep sleep improvements
  • SMS commands improvements. SMS answer speed increased
00.00.33 2016.5.17
  • SD card timeout changed