FMB battery

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BatState: 1 FSMState: ACTIVE ChargerIC: OFF ExtV: 11796 BatV: 3942 BatI: 0

Response details Description Description
BatState Battery:

0 - disconnected
1 - connected

BatState: 1
FSMState Current battery state FSMState: ACTIVE
ChargerIC Battery charging status ChargerIC: OFF
ExtV External voltage ExtV: 11796
BatV Battery voltage BatV: 3942
BatI Battery charging current BatI: 0

Note: If you want to know device battery level %, send SMS/GPRS command: readio 113
Example: Device has battery level 100 %
Sending command: readio 113
Answer sent from the device: IO ID:113 Value:100
Value: 100 means that battery level is 100% !

Command for Personal Trackers

Example of battery SMS command response

After issuing ‘battery’ request via SMS, we get the following result:

ChargerType: INTERNAL BatStatus: CHARGER_IN ChargerIC: CHARGING ExtV: 4712 BatV: 3607 BatI: 403 BatLvl: 29

Response details Description
ChargerType: INTERNAL
BatStatus Current battery state
ChargerIC Battery charging status
ExtV External voltage
BatV Battery voltage in mV
BatI Battery charging current in mA
BatLvl Battery level in percents
BatStatus details Note
PRESENT Battery is present, notify voltage
CHARGER_IN Charger plugged in, charging
CHARGER_OUT Charger was removed
OVERVOLPROTECT Abnormal behaviour, charging error
OVERBATTEMP Battery’s temperature over 45C when device is on charge and 58C when device is in discharge mode
LOWBATTEMP Battery’s temperature under -15C
OVERCHARGECURRENT Abnormal behaviour, charging error
CHARGE_COMPLETE Battery fully charged
INVALID_BATTERY Abnormal behaviour, battery error
INVALID_CHARGER Abnormal behaviour, charging error
CHARGING_TIMEOUT Abnormal behaviour, charging error
LOWCHARGECURRENT Abnormal behaviour, charging error
CHARGE_BAD_CONTACT Abnormal behaviour, charging error
BATTERY_BAD_CONTACT Abnormal behaviour, battery error
USB_CHARGER_IN Charger plugged in, charging
USB_CHARGER_OUT Charger was removed
USB_NO_CHARGER_IN Charger plugged in, not charging
USB_NO_CHARGER_OUT Charger was removed
BATTERY_IN Battery is attached
BATTERY_OUT Battery is removed
ChargerIC Status