FMB getver


Ver:02.00.01_06 GPS:AXN_3.80_3333_16070400,0000,, Hw:TFT100 Mod:1 IMEI:352094000000000 Init: 2017-6-16 5:54 Uptime: 16574 MAC:002E43912EF7 SPC:0(0) AXL:0 OBD:0 BL:1.6 BT:4

Response details Description Example
Ver Firmware version Ver:02.00.01_06
GPS Version of GPS module GPS:AXN_3.80_3333_16070400,0000,,
Hw Version of hardware Hw:TFT100
Mod Hardware version modification Mod:1
IMEI Device IMEI IMEI:352094000000000
Init Command initialization time Init: 2017-6-16 5:54
Uptime Total up time (in seconds) Uptime: 16574
MAC Bluetooth® MAC address MAC:002E43912EF7
SPC Spec ID SPC:0(0)
AXL Accelerometer type AXL:0
OBD Displays OBD chip ID OBD:0
BL Bootloader version BL:1.6
BT Bluetooth® version BT:4