FMB setigndigout

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setigndigout is a separate high priority SMS/GPRS command for DOUT controlling that was introduced with 03.27.09.Rev.101 evaluation version firmware and from 03.28.03.Rev.00 base version firmware.

The command functions mostly the same as setdigout except that it works only when the ignition is disabled.

  • If ignition is off, DOUT is controlled immediately.
  • If ignition is on, DOUT is not controlled until the ignition is turned off.

Additionally, the setigndigout will ignore speed parameters as they are not used with this command. The format of the command is as follows:
Command format: setigndigout XYZ <timeoutX> <timeoutY> <timeoutZ>

NOTE: setigndigout is higher priority than the ordinary setdigout.

Possible responses from the command given in the table:

Response Meaning
DOUTX:1 Timeout:INFINITY DOUTX will be controlled for an infinite amount of time
DOUTX:1 Timeout:10s DOUTX will be turned on instantly for 10 seconds
DOUTX:1 Timeout:15s IGN ON, QUEUED DOUTX will be controlled with the specified parameters once the ignition is turned off
DOUTX:IGNORED DOUTX’s new state wasn’t provided, so it is ignored
DOUTX Is disabled from CFG DOUTX is not configured to work as an output
DOUT is disabled from CFG All DOUT’s on the system are disabled