FMC640 CAN \ Tachograph

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CAN \ Tachograph

CAN \ Tachograph are used to configure device when connection of CAN1 and CAN2 BUS lines are performed.

Teltonika recommendations:

  • FMC640 CAN1 connected to vehicle's FMS(J1939) BUS line
  • FMC640 CAN2 connected to vehicle's Tachograph - Instructions can be found on FMC640 and Tachograph Solution wiki page;

Tachograph Settings

In FMC640 configurator “CAN/Tachograph” section tachograph settings should be set in order to download files.

DDD download source – to which CAN line tachograph is connected;

Tachograph ignition source – which DIN is connected to vehicle ignition ("Ignition" parameter - tachograph ignition source will be the same as configured in "System" -> "Ignition Source");

Download alternative DDD card files - enables the possibility to download specific DDD driver and co-driver card data from non-original locations. It may include last download information;

Alternative tacho settings – device will automatically change tachograph address, which can be useful, when additional devices are connected to the tachograph;

FMC640 can be wired to Tachograph using instructions provided in FMC640 and Tachograph Solution wiki page.

NOTE: Alternative DDD download WILL NOT work with GEN2 Tachographs (VDO 4.0 or Stoneridge SE5000 8.0)

By default, this parameter is DISABLED.

WEB Tacho Settings

WEB Tacho Settings are used to configure Tacho WEB server to which device periodically connects.

WEB Tacho Settings:

Status - functionality enabling;
Domain – server domain where files will be send;
Port – server port where files will be send;
Start delay – delay after turning on ignition to start procedure of file sending.


FMS settings

FMS settings is used to configure FMS source.

If you have FMS wired to FMC640 CAN1, FMS source should be selected as CAN1.
If you have FMS wired to FMC640 CAN2, FMS source should be selected as CAN2.