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API introduction

FOTA WEB API allows use of system functions in your own application. If you have a user in FOTA WEB then you already have API access! What can I do with the API? You can implement any feature and even more from what is available in our WEB UI into your own. If you have your fleet management software and want to create configuration update from it, you can! If want to set firmware updates, you can!

Getting Started API

How to start using FOTA WEB API. You will find all of the API documentation at

To be able to use API you will need to have token

Token will be key for your access. It can be created over FOTA WEB UI

Creating API token

Step 1. To create token Login to

Step 2. Go to settings at top right corner and find API Tokens settings.

Step 3. Write name for the New token and press Create.

Step 4. Press on the Token to copy or select it and copy manually.

Important! After you close the window you will not be able to check Token again. For security, the Token is not saved to the system. If you lose your token or delete an existing one, you will have to create a new one.

FOTA Web API changelog

Here is information on the latest changes to the FOTA Web API


Message field is being moved from task attributes to separate field. Message from attributes will be removed on 2024-03-01.


Datetime format inside device export files was unified to yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.


Separate endpoint for bulk tasks cancellation was added. Endpoint: /tasks/bulkCancel.


Separate endpoint for retry failed tasks in a task group was added. Endpoint: /batches/{batchId}/retryFailedTasks.


Removed company statistics from GET /companies/<ID> response:

  • `device_count`
  • `user_count`
  • `file_count`
  • `group_count`
  • `task_count`
  • `company_count`

This data can still be accessed via dedicated endpoint GET /companies/stats?company_id=<ID>


Removed device properties:

  • `status_id`
  • `status_name`

These properties are replaced by `activity_status` and `task_queue` that were introduced on 2022-12-20.


Added new device properties:

  • `activity_status`
  • `task_queue`

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