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Product change notifications (PCN) is the way of informing customers of upcoming changes related to Teltonika products. This includes outward appearance adjustments, hardware improvements, firmware changes, changes to package contents, etc. This page stores information regarding changes to the MSP500 tracking device. Below you will find a list of both upcoming and already implemented changes sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

2024.01.08: MSP500 END OF LIFE Announcement

The product End of Life (EOL) announcement signifies that a product has entered the final phase of Teltonika Product Life Cycle. Announcement serves as an advance notice of product termination in accordance with Teltonika EOL policy. Nevertheless, there is still enough time for you to order and get support that you need for the products that will be discounted. Please contact your sales manager for more information.

End of Production: 2024.03.31

End of Bug-Fixing date: 2025.01.31

End of Support date: 2025.07.31

2023.10.06 MSP500 Electronic Throttle Actuator Update

We would like to inform you, that MSP500 Electronic Throttle Actuator device has been updated to V3 version in factory from October, 2023.

Change description
Change type MSP500 Electronic Throttle Actuator
Detailed description MSP500 Electronic Throttle Actuator has been updated from V2 to V3 version.
Old Electronic Throttle Control V2: New Electronic Throttle Actuator V3 (with battery) :
Change reasons Green Wire Installation: The installation process now includes the incorporation of green wire.

Electronic Throttle Actuator Reconfiguration:

Electronic Throttle Actuator V2: It was connected to the NC connection of the MSP500.

Electronic Throttle Actuator V3 (with battery) : It should now be linked to the NO connection of the MSP500.

Product release date October, 2023
Affected products
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
MSP500 MSP500******* order codes which support Electronic Throttle Actuator Updated Electronic Throttle Actuator device
Change impact
Risk assessment During the installation period clients might receive devices with old Electronic Throttle Actuator V2.
Suggested implementation plan No implementation plan is needed.
Acknowledgement of PCN receipt
If no feedback is received within two weeks after the issue date of this notification - Teltonika may accept that this change has tactically accepted and can implement the change as indicated above.