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Time is not limitless and is one of the most precious resources in any business, in any country. Poor time management may harm company reputation, projects, income stream and hold it back against competitors. Luckily, some tedious and manual time-consuming routines can be automated, and it’s becoming not only an attractive option but rather a necessity. That is why we are pleased to tell you more about ready-to-use Teltonika GPS trackers.

For the sake of example, let’s go through one routine procedure – inserting a SIM card to the FMM130 GPS device. To do so, an employee has to unpack a tracker manually, open the casing, insert a card into a dedicated tray the correct way, and close the casing. We realistically assume it takes about 1 min. Then, to process 1,000 devices and complete the task, it will take 1,000 minutes or 16.6 hours or 2 working days for one person. It is just one of the device set-up steps, and there are others too - connecting batteries, cables, vehicle tracker firmware configuration settings using Teltonika configurator, company branding stickers, etc. Altogether, a team of technicians and engineers may spend days or even weeks getting GPS trackers ready for large-scale projects. Most of these procedures are tedious, even boring and may lead to set-up and installation errors, tracker failures, as a result - waste of precious time, company resources, missed project deadlines, complaints, refunds harming company reputation, to say at least.

Solution description

We call it ready-to-use GPS tracker services. These are 'done for you' ones made by our automated robotic assembly lines and members of staff to a certain degree. The list of these extra services is designed to save our clients and business partners time, avoid tedious procedures, eliminate human errors as much as possible and, ultimately, make large-scale projects run smoothly and most cost-effective. When ordered, ready-to-use trackers may include customer-requested firmware and settings configuration in advance, SIM cards, batteries, various cable and connectors handling options, branding choices for devices and packing boxes, and quantity in packaging selections, etc.

For instance, coming back to the case with SIM cards. Companies can order vehicle trackers with their supplied cards inserted to device, Teltonika Telematics prepaid SIM card inserted to the device, or even shipped with pre-soldered eSIM cards. Choose whatever way suits your business the best.

Another example - connecting a battery to a GPS device printed circuit board (or PCB) by us potentially saving thousands of hours to our clients. This way, there are no errors, no waste of time, no stress. The tedious and boring routine is done for you. Please note, this option has some limitations related to the terms and conditions of shipping and freight delivery service providers.


To get the benefits of ready-to-use vehicle trackers, please contact your Account Manager to discuss the details. Teltonika members of staff will offer you extra service options available for the particular GPS tracker model, your order, or project. When it is done, and you have come to an agreement, all arrangements will be taken care of, the custom order code will be issued and handed over for production to complete your custom-built order.


  • Saves precious time and company resources – thanks to ‘done for you’ service, ready-to-use Teltonika GPS trackers keep tedious and time-consuming setup and installation routines to a minimum
  • Helps to avoid pricey errors and meet project deadlines by improving the team of technicians and engineers’ performance, mental health and facilitating work on-time delivery
  • Keeps company reputation intact by ensuring fewer blunders, complaints, arguments, appropriate projects, and time management
  • Various product custom branding options to promote clients' and partners' businesses, build trust, awareness, and loyalty