TAT1XY Creating Tasks on Fota

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Connecting to Fota platform

TAT1XY devices connect to the platform only on two occasions:
1. Device is switched ON (power toggle switch from OFF position to ON position).
2. Device receives SMS/GPRS command “web_connect”. Please note, device is only able to receive commands when it is not in sleep mode. It is advised to schedule a GPRS command on the server so that it is sent automatically the next time device wakes up and connects to deliver a record.

Firmware update tasks on Fota platform

TAT1XY devices have two firmware files that both need to uploaded when updating the device:
1. Modem firmware
2. BlueNRG firmware
Because of this, two separate tasks need to be created on Fota platform. One for modem, another one for BlueNRG firmware files.

Device will perform tasks one by one. Firstly, modem firmware will be updated. Secondly, BlueNRG will be updated. It does not matter in what order tasks were created on the platform.
Device will always execute modem first, then BlueNRG.

After modem update task is completed, device should automatically reconnect and execute the BlueNRG firmware update task. If device does not reconnect automatically, restart the device by cycling the power or sending “web_connect” command to the device.

Both firmware files have been sent to the device. It is always a good practice to check that files were successfully installed on the device.

Configuration update tasks on Fota platform

Configuration update task should NOT be created when there are firmware update tasks still pending.
If there are firmware and configuration update tasks pending at the same time device will execute them in this order: modem firmware – configuration – BlueNRG firmware. This can cause the device to start functioning in unexpected ways.

Always allow the firmware update tasks to finish first. Only then create task to update configuration.

This will result in all tasks being executed in the correct order.