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The Telematics Configuration Tool (TCT) brings to you a new feature called Auto-update. This feature allows users to update TCT to the newest available version right from the tool itself. Instead of having multiple configurator versions for different devices and firmware versions (as it was the case in the past), now you are able to maintain all your devices with only one tool.


In order to download updates you need a PC with an internet connection that can access:

  • Port: 443 (https)

Auto-update procedure

When the update is available you will get a notification after TCT start-up on the right top corner. To update your TCT please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Notification icon and press Update. Although, we suggest to review update before this by selecting See what's new;
  2. Version History screen will pop up, this will display a change log for the latest available and previous versions;
  3. Clicking Update will start downloading procedure of the new version of TCT;
  4. After a successful update download, the button will change to Restart and Install;
  5. Click Restart and Install to start installing new version of TCT.

More information about TCT installation here

Notification panel

Notification panel notifies whenever there is a firmware update, any error or warning appeared, and more. There are two tabs in Notification panel:

  • New - A list of new and unread notifications.
  • All other - List of notifications that the user has already read.

Version history

Information about all TCT versions can be accessed by clicking Setting icon and Version history. There you will find:

  • Latest Version - Latest application version that is available for download.
  • Your Version - Your current application version.
  • Release notes - Change logs.