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Description Voltage Duration
Normal operation 10-30V Unlimited
Protection turns on, device turns off 34V Unlimited
Maximum voltage <70V Unlimited
Maximum voltage impulse 90V 5 milliseconds
Part name Physical specification
System LED LED
Navigation LED LED
Socket 2x6 Tyco Micro MATE-N-LOK™ 4-794628-0 or similar
USB Micro USB socket
Technical details
Power supply 6...30V DC
2 W max.
Energy consumption at 12 V:
GPRS: average error mA r.m.s,
Nominal: average error mA r.m.s,
GPS Sleep: average error mA,
Deep Sleep: average error mA,
FM3XXX Battery charge current max. error mA
FM3XXX Rated current max. error mA
Operating temperature error..error °C
Storage temperature error..error °C
Storage relative humidity error..error% (no condensation)
Internal fuse errorA, errorV