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Possible mounting zones


It is strongly recommended to mount FMB2YX outside of the vehicle with the sticker direction to the sky.
Trucks FMA.png

Most commercial trucks have plastic hood in front of the vehicle. It is recommended to mount FMB2YX under the hood. Power cord output of the device should be at the bottom. If it is not possible, if a front hood is made of some kind of metal, the device can be mounted inside the car on the front panel as close as possible to the front window.
Truck Inside.png


It is strongly recommended to mount FMB2YX outside of the vehicle with the sticker direction to the sky.
Tractors FMA.png

Motor bikes

FMB2YX device should be mounted on outside.
Possible mounting places for motorbikes FMA.png

FMB2YX cannot be mounted under the seat!
Not mount device under seat FMA.png

Light vehicles

Most light vehicles has oblique front window that opens most part of interior front panel. FMB2YX can be mounted under the plastic panel behind the front window, with the sticker direction to a window (sky).
Light Vehicles.png

Recommended mounting positions

Best FMB2YX mounting position is outside of vehicle with any metal above the device. Recommended deviation from horizontal axis of vehicle max 3-5°.
Mounting positions.png

Mounting position and recommended deviation from longitudinal axis of vehicle ±2°.
Mounting positions v2.png


FMB2YX device can not be mounted inside in the vehicle door!
Inside door FMA.png

FMB2YX device cannot be mounted inside the vehicle!
Inside vehicles FMA.png

Connecting power wires

  1. Device should be connected directly to battery. Power supply: 6V/12V/24V.
  2. If FMB2YX is used in 6V system and power cables are extended.

Extension cable resistance should be less than 60 mΩ in sum of both, positive and negative, wires. 30 mΩ for single wire.
FMB2YXLi connection to the car circuit FMA.png