Template:FMB2 Technical features

Technical features

Part name Physical specification
Navigation indication LED
Modem indication LED
USB Mini USB socket
GNSS Internal GNSS antenna
GSM Internal GSM antenna

Technical details
Power supply 6 ... 30V DC
1.5 W max. device consumption
Energy consumption at 12 V:
GPRS: average error mA r.m.s;
Nominal: average error mA;
GPS Sleep: average error mA;
Online Sleep: average error mA;
Deep Sleep: average error mA;
Ultra Sleep: average error mA
FMB20X Battery charge current max. error mA
Operating temperature (without battery) error..error °C
Storage temperature (without battery) error..error °C
Storage relative humidity error..error% (no condensation)
Device + case + battery weight

With 400 mAh bat. - 170 g
With 1800 mAh bat. - 210 g

Dimension drawing:

FMB202 view dims.jpg