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Bluetooth 4.0 settings

FMB1YX offers Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, also referred as BLE) functionality. User is able to discover nearby BLE devices and their services. Another feature is TZ-BT04/05 sensor support. Sensors provide data about temperature (TZ-BT04 and TZ-BT05) and humidity (TZ-BT04 only).

Blue-tooth 4.0 settings.PNG

Configurable parameters:

  • TZ-BT04/05/05B Update frequency – changes sensor's temperature/humidity/battery voltage data update frequency.
    Minimum value: 120 s, maximum value: 65535 s, default value: 120.
  • Working mode – Bluetooth connection mode. Disabled: Bluetooth 4.0 connection will not be used. TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor: this bluetooth connection will be used to communicate with TZ-BT04/05/05B sensor.