Template:FMM640 Towing Detection

Towing Detection

Fmb640 towing.png

Towing Detection feature helps to inform the driver about unexpected car movement when it was parked. FMM640 generates an event when car is being towed or lifted, for example, in a case of vehicle evacuation. FMM640 activates towing function when following conditions are met:

  1. Ignition (configured Ignition Source) is OFF.
  2. Activation Timeout is reached.

When towing function is engaged FMM640 monitors accelerometer data. If acceleration Threshold or Angle reach configured values for a configured Duration, and Ignition is still OFF for a period of time that is longer than Event Timeout, then an event is generated. When configured, Make Call To and Send SMS To functions make a call or send an SMS to a predefined phone number. Towing function will be reactivated after FMM640 detects a change of Ignition state from ON to OFF.