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Technical features

Part name Physical specification
Navigation indication RGB LED
Modem indication RGB LED
USB Micro USB socket, USB-A socket
GNSS Internal GNSS antenna
GSM Internal GSM antenna

Technical details
2 W max.
Current consumption at 12 V (Power supply 10...30 V DC)
Nominal: average 28 mA,
GNSS sleep: average 8 mA
Deep Sleep: average 7 mA
Online Deep Sleep: average 7 mA
Ultra Deep Sleep: average 5 mA
Battery charge current Average 120 mA
Rated current 250 mA
Operating temperature (without battery) -40..+85 °C
Storage temperature (without battery) -40..+85 °C
Storage relative humidity 5..95% (no condensation)
Internal fuse 3A, 125V