Universal beacons

General description

This chapter includes full functionality description. Beacons capturing has two modes: Simple and Advanced. When simple mode is selected beacon parsing is done automatically (Eddystone and iBeacon protocols are supported). When advanced beacon mode is selected, beacon data capturing can be configured.

Simple beacon mode

Beacon are sent to server in a variable length Beacon IO (Teltonika data transfer ID 385).

Beacon records are generated according to Beacon Record parameter. When Eventual mode is used, record is generated when BLE scan finishes. This mode does not work with non stop scan, as it never finishes scanning procedure. When Periodic mode is selected, beacon records are generated according to Period settings. When there is no visible beacons, empty beacon record will be generated.


Advanced beacon mode


In advanced mode device can detect any beacon type as configured in table, for example this configuration is set to detect iBeacon and EddyStone Beacons, also with additional data(in this case whole packet).


Beacon are sent to server in a new variable length Beacon IO (AVL ID 548) (Different from Simple mode!).

Beacon ID source can be selected.

  • When Beacon ID is used, source is used as configured in Beacon ID offset and Beacon ID size columns.
  • When Beacon MAC address is selected, Beacon ID will be replaced with MAC address. IO structure remains the same, but Beacon ID size will always be reported as 0x06.

Universal Beacons and Beacon On Change

Users who had configured Eventual mode records priority, now will have to work with On Change or Periodic mode. Records sending structure is listed as following:

  • On change mode - device will not create Beacon record after every scan procedure is completed unless scanned Beacon list will change.
  • Periodic - records will be saved according configuration settings.


Beacon Record Priority

This selection defines what priority generated Beacon record will have, there is an exception for priority „None“ – if selected, no record will be generated. If value “Low” is selected, then Beacon record will be generated and sent once link with the server is established. If value “High” is selected, then Beacon record will be generated and sent immediately. This feature can be used with Beacon On Change or Periodic mode.