WEB Tacho Remote file synchronization

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Remote file synchronization

All downloaded tachograph files (all formats) that are on the server can be synchronized with your FTP server.

To create file synchronization go to “Remote file synchronization” from the menu marked by number 1 in the picture and press “Add New” marked by number 2 in the picture.


In an open window, choose and type the necessary information.


Group Choose the group for which files will be synchronized
Name Enter the name of synchronization
Interval Defines interval of files validity which needs to be synchronized.
Vehicle name Choose file name for synchronized files
Host Enter FTP IP address
Port Enter FTP Port
Path Enter the path where files will be resent
Tachograph file format Select in which format files will be downloaded
User Enter the username/login for FTP
New password Enter the password for FTP

When Remote file synchronization is configured, WEB TACHO server will connect to your FTP server and will create corresponding folders:

Your entered the path, Group name, Client name, Vehicle name, where tachograph files will be transferred.

Note: the last folder name depends on selected Vehicle name field. Folder can be named by Vehicle name or by IMEI.