Anti-Theft solution when GSM is jammed

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Project description

Protect new leasing vehicles from stealing is getting more difficult. Thieves are getting smarter and use more tools to accomplish their goal. Especially newer and more expensive cars. Usually vehicles are stolen and dissembled in parts in 24-48h. Solution to protect should be innovative and different, so it will be surprise for thieves. It should be as much as possible time consuming and slowing down whole stealing process.

Accessories used


Must have

Nice to have

Implementation description

Our target Nr.1 is to slow down the thief. Anti-jamming is usually used to block GSM signal of the tracker. When jamming is detected you can use one of these features to be activated:

  1. Connecting DOUT to Central Lock System – lock all vehicle doors.
  2. Connecting DOUT to Car alarm system – starts car alarm system sounds and distract thief.
  3. Connecting DOUT to Relay – to block vehicle engine starter ad disable possibility to start engine.


FM130 theft.png