FMB640 Case Studies

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Logistics[edit | edit source]

Modern day logistics require a lot of information for business optimization, it is not enough to get current GPS coordinate of your vehicle location. With fuel consumption, driven distance and many other parameters you are able to monitor and regulate your fleet resources, this way all expenses would be accounted. With solution for driver activities monitoring you will have full control of your driver. Usually cargo is equally as important as the vehicle itself, with temperature data you can be assured that goods which you are delivering will maintain high quality.

Buses and coaches[edit | edit source]

Public transport requires a lot of management. It is always important to know where vehicles are, how long they drive and rest – all this to achieve best efficiency. With fuel data and other various parameters you are able to monitor and control your fleet resources, thus cutting expenses to minimum. With solution for driver or even passenger monitoring you will have full information about people who were using your transport.

City maintenance vehicles[edit | edit source]

Maintenance vehicles like salt spreaders or dustcarts are vitally important for modern city and its inhabitants. Management of such and other machinery requires vast amount of unusual data - sprinkling distance, covered spreading area, amounts and types of materials used, working hours and many more parameters, which are available with our solution.

Construction[edit | edit source]

Probably the most important aspect of construction machinery management is fuel consumption data. Powerful cranes and high capacity concrete mixers compared to light vehicles, use huge amounts of fuel during short periods of time – high chance of fuel theft if work time is accounted only on paper. Take full control of your fleet, workers and resources.

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

Agricultural machinery has advanced a lot in recent years, technologies like modern tractors or harvesters usually cost more than a sports car – it is essential to keep track of such valuable assets. With our solution you will have full control of current position, driver activities and receive various information from harvesting machinery.

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