Green driving solution - reducing fuel consumption

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Project description

The main costs of the fleet are unauthorized vehicle usage and improper driver behavior, which consist of harsh acceleration, cornering, idling, and speeding. With tracking systems, clients can receive a variety of information regarding driving behavior. One of the clients, logistic company, operating in Africa region with 29 vehicle fleet, had the challenge to reduce fuel consumption and decrease maintenance cost.

Implementation description

The client started to use an immobilizer to authorize the driver. For reducing high fuel consumption, began to use over speeding and idling detection functionality to inform the driver about improper actions via flashing light. Using a green driving scenario (harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering) client could efficiently control driver behavior which helped to reduce maintenance fees. Tracking solutions for vehicles encouraged employees to work more effectively and stopped utilizing company trucks for personal use.


Must have

  • Immobilizer - To pass immobilizer driver needs to connect iButton.
  • Green driving – a flash of led will start to blink (blinking intensity can be configurable) and will warn the driver when he will reach maximum of (parameters must be set up in configurator): acceleration, braking or cornering.
  • Over speeding detection – a flash of led or buzzer will warn the driver when he exceeds configured maximum speed value (I.e. 90km/h).
  • Excessive Idling – When the vehicle stops for a specific amount of time (I.e. 300 seconds) the scenario will be activated. Notification will come to the assigned number.
  • GNSS Fuel Counter – calculation of fuel consumption will start when ignition is on. Fuel Counter parameters use fuel consumption norms which are presented in the technical documentation of the vehicle. These values can be changed in the configurator.

Nice to have

  • Crash detection - it monitors acceleration on each axis which helps to detect an accident.


Green dri.png


Green Driving Scenariothm.jpg Immobilizer Scenariothm.jpg