Gurtam Wialon with Fleet Management (FM)

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Template:Gurtam wialon logo Gurtam Wialon GPS tracking system is compatible with some of Teltonika's Fleet Management (FM) devices. Template:Gurtam wialon description

Supported devices

A list of Teltonika Fleet Management devices that are compatible with Gurtam Wialon:

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Updating your device via Wialon

We would like to inform you that the firmware update for Teltonika trackers is now supported on Wialon! In addition, FMB and newer trackers support uploading configuration file via Wialon, as well as downloading configuration file from a device to Wialon.

Devices supporting firmware update: FM1000 FM1100 FM1200 FM2200 FM3200 FM3300 FM3400 FM3600 FM4100 FM4200 FM5300 FM5500 FM6300 FMB630 FMA1 FMA2

Universal devices that support firmware updates, as well as updating and downloading configurations: FM3001 FM3010 FMB001 FMB010 FMB100 FMB110 FMB120 FMB122 FMB125 FMB202 FMB204 FMB206 FMB900 FMB920 FMB962 FMB964 FMT100

Detailed instructions.

NOTE: The list of downloadable firmware is publicly available, and all users see and can use it. Basic versions of firmware have been added to this list, periodically the list will be checked and cleared of all firmware except basic ones.