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Gurtam Wialon GPS tracking system is compatible with some of Teltonika's Fleet Management (FM) devices.


Gurtam is a developer and provider of software solutions for fleet management, GPS tracking, and IoT. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Minsk (Belarus) with sales offices in Moscow (Russia), Boston (USA), Dubai (UAE), and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Gurtam's flagship solution is Wialon, the GPS tracking and IoT platform available in the cloud and server-based versions. The platform is compatible with over 2,200 types of GPS tracking devices and is used by 1,900 service providers in more than 130 countries with 2,500,000+ units being tracked worldwide.

According to the report of Berg Insight research agency, Wialon is the leading GPS monitoring system in CIS, occupying about 40% of the CIS commercial carrier market and actively expanding to Europe, the Middle East, the USA, South America, and Australia.


Features Wialon promotes advanced security, ensures precise location detection, and total visibility into the performance of your assets through real-time monitoring, powerful analytics, alert, and notification system allowing for early response to any emergencies.

System functionality

  • GPS/LBS location detection
  • Alert and notification system
  • In/out geofence control
  • Fuel consumption/fillings/thefts reports
  • CAN bus data reading
  • Route optimization/management
  • Flexible report-building tools
  • Data capture from sensors, counters
  • Tachograph files download
  • RFID readers, etc.

Wialon-based applications

Hecterra is a simple yet effective application for the agro-industry, which allows controlling field works based on telematics data.

Fleetrun is a dedicated application for maintenance planning, control, and expenditure recording.

NimBus is an application for tracking route vehicles with specialized tools designed for passenger transportation management.

WiaTag app turns your smartphone into a GPS tracker allowing an effective employee or personal monitoring.

Logistics is a delivery management solution that allows performing transportation arrangements, delivery route optimization, and cost-saving tasks.

Distance Tag is a fast, cost-effective, and reliable Wialon-based solution for quarantine tracking.

Supported devices

Gurtam supports all the main Teltonika Telematics tracking devices. For any specific queries, please address the service provider directly or refer to the following link:

Firmware update using Wialon

Firmware update for Teltonika Telematics trackers is supported on Wialon. For more information, please see Detailed instructions.

NOTE: The list of downloadable firmware is publicly available, and all users see and can use it. Basic versions of firmware have been added to this list, periodically the list will be checked and cleared of all firmware except basic ones.

External links

The official website: Gurtam
Product documentation: Gurtam Docs
DDD download instructions: Tachograph files download with Wialon platform