New commercial vehicles and trucks in supply chain monitoring

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Project description

Producers of commercial vehicles very often delivers their cars to dealers or clients themselves, so manufacturer is worried about car security in delivery chain, when car is transported to the dealers and end users.

Implementation description

There is specific demand of tracker with fast and simple installation/uninstallation, because device usage will be only at particular time: factory – dealer – dealers parking - end user. The best solution is device with OBDII connection, simple installation/uninstallation last several minutes.


  • Vehicle security
  • Accident prevention
  • High quality of delivery


Must have

Nice to have

  • VIN authentication (OBDII) - ensures car authentication by VIN and prevents from tracker replacement to another car without permission.
  • DTC errors reading (OBDII) – provides a possibility to check cars error status and inform a dealer or a client if something is wrong.
  • Crash Detection – allows to analyze crash moment and allows to take conclusion of the causes.
  • Fuel monitoring (OBDII) - Data from CAN shows fuel drain cases
  • Jamming – allows to find out if driver use jamming equipment.