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Quick start guide – EYE Sensor EN12830

  1. Activate EYE Sensor EN12830 by touching it with any magnet
  2. Download EYE APP (Evaluation version for EN12830).APK  for Android only from this page Download zip.png
  3. If you have non EN12830 EYE APP, you should delete it first
  4. Click on .apk file to install the app, open it once installation is finished
  5. In the APP, find the desired sensor and press on it
  6. Enter PIN (default is 123456)
  7. How to start recording
11 EN12830.jpg
22 EN12830.jpg
33 EN12830.jpg
Log started.png
Press "Temperature recorder" button in the sensor home screen Press "NEW RECORDING" button. Choose recording interval that you require. Recording Status Info will change to Active

That‘s it! Now EYE Sensor EN12830 will be recording temperature logs to its internal memory.

8. How to download the records

11 EN12830.jpg
44 EN12830.jpg
55 EN12830.jpg
Press "Temperature recorder" button in the sensor home screen Press Download recordings Choose either to download recordings from specific date or to download all available recordings

That‘s it! a .csv file will be downloaded into your phones files folder. It will contain all the data from temperature recordings.

9. Example of recorded data open in excel:

CSV file EN12830.jpg