Vehicle Maintenance and Service Reminders

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Project description

This use case is most attractive for owners of large fleets. Nevertheless, it is useful for smaller ones, too. Timely maintenance and service of vehicles can become a real headache. Usually, it is not an attractive task for fleet owners, as it does not bring profit by itself. On the other hand, it is something that can save you a significant amount of money, if done on time.
To make customers life easier, the integrator can now offer a simple solution to the above problem. The core of the solution – remind fleet owner about required maintenance/service and information about unexpected faults and problems.

Implementation description

The most convenient choice of a device for the implementation of this solution is easy to install OBD tracker. Teltonika offers a wide selection of devices in this category – FMB001, FMC001, FM3001, FMM001, FMB002, FMB003. Data needed for implementation:
- Odometer/driven distance. Based on the device you select, you will be able to calculate data of driven distance by using virtual odometer solution or getting actual odometer data from the onboard computer.
- DTC (diagnostic trouble codes). You will receive information about faults or actual fault codes, depending on the possibilities of the onboard computer.
As soon as you start getting data, you can interpret it according to your demands. DTC can be sent as I/O element, which you can recognize as an event of specific priority. Regarding service and maintenance reminders, development on your side is going to be needed. First of all, application, which recognizes driven distance value should be developed. This application then should be able to generate events/reminders/notifications about a specific task. For example, “80’000 km – Oil change in next 15 days”.


  • On-time maintenance and service
  • Easier administration of fleet
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced amount of mistakes


Must have

  • Driven distance calculation (real odometer data or virtual odometer)
  • DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) reading

Nice to have