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ECAN01 (Easy-CAN) is contactless adapter used to read vehicle CAN Bus data. ECAN01 (Easy-CAN) adapter should be used in combination with:

It reads can bus data through the isolation of wires without damaging them and forwards signals to tracking device.


  • Easy-CAN collects vehicle data from CAN bus without damaging the wires
  • Powered from on-board power source
  • Reads the signals through the isolation of CAN bus wires
  • Easy to install and operate

Technical features

Minimum Typical Maximum Unit
Supply Voltage
Supply Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) +10 +12 +30 V
Current Consumption
Working Mode 6.9 mA
Sleep Mode 1.2 mA
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature -25 +85 °C
Internal resettable fuse (max 33 V) 750 mA
  • Dimensions 39.8 x 18 x 16.7 mm
  • CAN-BUS speeds up to 1000 kb/s




1 CAN L (Blue) Connect to CAN L input of CAN BUS converter
2 CAN H (White/Blue) Connect to CAN H input of CAN BUS converter
3 VCC (RED) Power supply (10-30) V DC (+)
4 GND (-) (Black) Ground wire (10-30) V DC (-)
ECAN01 pinout.png

Wiring scheme

ECAN01 wiring scheme.png

Set up ECAN01

  1. Gently remove FMB1YX cover using plastic pry tool from both sides.

    Note: To properly open a new case please watch this video.

  2. Insert Micro-SIM card as shown with PIN request disabled or read Security info how to enter it later in Teltonika Configurator. Make sure that Micro-SIM card cut-off corner is pointing forward to slot. SIM slot 1 is closer to PCB, SIM slot 2 is the upper one.
  3. Connect battery as shown to device. Position the battery in place where it does not obstruct other components.
  4. After configuration, see “PC Connection (Windows)”, attach device cover back.

Fmb120 cover 1.pngFmb120 cover 2.pngFmb120 cover 3.pngFmb120 cover 4.png

ECAN01 Certification & Approvals

Nomenclature, classification codes



Teltonika CAN adapters Part 1: Introduction
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