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Product change notifications (PCN) is the way of informing customers of upcoming changes related to Teltonika products. This includes outward appearance adjustments, hardware improvements, firmware changes, changes to package contents, etc. This page stores information regarding changes to the ECAN01 devices. Below you will find a list of both upcoming and already implemented changes sorted from newest to oldest (top to bottom).

2021.03.05: E-MARK marking changes

We would like to inform you, that laser printing of the ECAN01 device was updated in the factory in March 2021.

Change description
Change type External/visual
Detailed description E-MARK marking changed
Old version:
E25 R10-05 0015 (ECAN01).png
New version:
E25 R10-06 0044 (ECAN01).png
Change reasons 1. Updated Emark certificate number.
Product release date March 2021
Affected products
Model Affected order codes Order code changes
ECAN01 ECAN01******* New certificate number
Change impact
Risk assessment No risk factors encountered with this change
Suggested implementation plan Due to changes in device appearance we strongly recommend to contact your customs agent with our change log information, to avoid any unexpected delays in customs clearance process
Acknowledgement of PCN receipt
If no feedback is received within two weeks after the issue date of this notification - Teltonika may accept that this change has been tacitly accepted and can implement the change as indicated above