FM6320 SMS Data

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SMS data sending Settings enables or disables periodic data and event SMS sending to server. Configuration is divided into 4 main parts:
1. SMS data sending settings;
2. SMS Week Time button;
3. Server Phone Number (has to be written in first position of Authorized phone numbers);
4. SMS Events PreDefined Numbers (phone numbers, to which SMS [has to be written in SMS Event Numbers section] events will be sent);

FMB630 SMS data.png

Using these settings FM6320 can send SMS with 24-coordinates in one SMS; it is used in areas where no GPRS coverage is available. Module collects data and sends to server binary SMS containing information about last 24 collected points. SMS sending schedule is set in SMS Week Time tab. 24-Coordinates SMS decoding is described in device documentation document. Please contact Teltonika sale manager to find out more about protocols documentation purchase.