FMB getver

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"Ver:02.00.01_06 GPS:AXN_3.80_3333_16070400,0000,, Hw:FMB120 Mod:4 IMEI:352094082042885 Init: 2017-6-16 5:54 Uptime: 16574 MAC:002E43912EF7 BT:31F5BFE66261 SPC:0(0) AXL:0 OBD:0 BL:1.6 BT:4"

Response details Description
Ver Firmware version.
GPS Version of GPS module.
Hw Version of hardware.
Mod Hardware version modification.
Init Command initialization time.
Uptime Total up time (in seconds).
MAC Bluetooth MAC address.
BT3 Bluetooth address.
SPC Spec ID.
AXL Accelerometer type.
OBD Displays OBD chip ID.
BL BootLoader version.
BT Bluetooth version.