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SMS Data Sending

These settings allow sending AVL data using binary SMS. AVL data will be sent by SMS only when there is no GPRS connection. This setting does not affect replies to SMS request messages – answers are always sent back to the sender's telephone number.

FMB SMS-settings-FMC130.jpg

SMS commands

Essential fields in SMS/Call settings are Login and Password. The login and password are used with every SMS sent to FMC230. If login and password are not set, in every SMS sent to FMC230 device two spaces before command have to be used (<space><space><command>).
Command structure with set login and password:
<login><space><password><space><command>, for example: "asd 123 getgps"
Phone numbers have to be written in international standard, using "+" is optional but not necessary (in both cases number will be recognized, but when number is without "+" symbol, IDD Prefix will not be generated, which depends on location of the phone). If no numbers are entered, configuration and sending commands over SMS are allowed from all GSM numbers.