How to set up Eco Driving in Wialon app

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How to set up Eco Driving in Wialon app

Solution applies for these FM devices

This solution is suitable for all devices of the FMB, FMC, FMM, FMU lines, except for the FMC640, FMM640, FMB640 models.

Eco Driving setting in the configurator

Please note that the functionality is available from firmware Ver.03.27.XX.

Enable parameter 258 (Eco Driving Maximum) in the configurator.

Eco Driving Wialon 15.png

Creation of Unit sensors

To configure the Eco Driving Wialon application, you need to create Unit sensors. To do this, go to the Unit properties.

Eco Driving Wialon 1.png

Select the sensors tab and select the "New" function.

Eco Driving Wialon 2.png

Create a sensor based on the io_258 parameter.


Accel_MAX sensor formula:


Eco Driving Wialon 3.png


Brk_MAX sensor formula:


Eco Driving Wialon 4.png


Crn_MAX sensor formula:


Eco Driving Wialon 5.png

Adding new criterion

After creating the sensors, go to the Eco Driving tab and add new criterion for each of the sensors. Set the values ​​according to the screenshots:

Eco Driving Wialon 6.png


Eco Driving Wialon 7.png


Eco Driving Wialon 8.png


Eco Driving Wialon 9.png


Please note that «Calculate acceleration by: Eco Driving parameters» must be selected to calculate Eco Driving for io_258.

Eco Driving app

After completing the setup, take a test drive and view the results in the Eco Driving app:

Apps -> Eco Driving

Driving quality in the EcoDriving app

View the driver's quality in the app: