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FMB1YX device can be connected to PC for configuration in two different ways:

  1. DC with Bluetooth
    1. Power-up FMB1YX with DC voltage (10 – 30 V) power supply using supplied power cable. LED’s should start blinking, see “LED behaviour description”.
    2. FMB1YX Bluetooth is enabled by default. Turn on Bluetooth on your PC, then select Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth. Choose your device named – “FMB1YX_last_7_imei_digits”, without LE in the end. Enter default password 5555, press Connect and then select Done.
  2. With Micro-USB cable
    1. Remove SIM tray
    2. Remove TOP cover
    3. Insert the SIM card into SIM tray
    4. Insert SIM Tray into device
    5. Connect Micro-USB cable to device and connect to computer USB port. LED’s should start blinking, see “LED behaviour description”.
  • First time you will need to install USB drivers, see "How to install USB drivers (Windows)"
  • GSM signal will not be available and device will not open GPRS because TOP casing part is removed and GSM antenna is inserted into TOP casing part.