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We are always improving our devices performance, stability and reliability. That’s why Teltonika is one of the leading GNSS trackers manufacturers in the world.
This document describes FM36YX<ref>FM36XX – FM36M1, FM3612, FM3622.</ref> devices firmware improvements, changes, new features implementations as well as current firmware release version.

Firmware versioning

  • Structure
  • Syntax description
    • XX – client number. Value range: 00 - Alpha development, 01 - Teltonika, 02..99 - Specific clients.
    • YY – branch number, shows major changes in firmware, i.e. new module support added or new major feature added.
    • ZZ – major changes like bigger fixes, improvements and new features addition.
    • ## – minor changes like small fixes and improvements.

Firmware versions

  • GPS stability improvement
  • DOUT control improvements
  • SMS commands improvements
  • Immobilizer scenario improvement
01.09.09.Rev.00 2018.05.30
  • 4G (LTE and NB-IoT) network support added (for FM36M1)
  • GNSS module control improvements
  • Jamming detection improvements
  • SMS commands improvements
  • Power consumption efficiency improvements
  • FOTA stability improvements
  • Configuration stability improvements
01.08.16.Rev.00 2018.02.26
  • GPS stability improvement
  • iButton detection improved
01.08.12.Rev.00 2018.01.12
  • Data sending improvements
  • Geofence changes
  • Deep sleep improvements
01.08.07.Rev.00 2017.11.22
  • 2G/3G networks working algorithm improvements
  • GNSS module control improvements
  • LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300 functionalities improved
  • FOTA application improvements
  • 1- wire devices detection improvements
  • Deep sleep improvements
  • UPD sending improved
  • Static navigation improvements
  • SMS functionality improved
01.06.06.Rev.00 2017.07.24
  • FM3612 support added
  • Added support for UDP GPRS commands
  • Recods saving and managing improved
  • Operators selection and managing improved
  • Setdigout SMS command stability improved
  • LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300 functionalities improved
  • GPRS connection stability improved
  • GNSS module control improved
01.05.06.Rev.00 2017.01.03
  • Battery charging reworked to detected car voltage system - 6, 12, 24 volts and not to drain battery to empty
  • Fixed setdigout SMS
  • Operator search optimization
  • Battery will not be charged if external voltage is low
  • SMS reading improvements
  • TCP configuration improvement
  • GNSS module improvements.
  • Debug improvements
  • Firmware update via FOTA application improvements
  • Functions optimization
  • NMEA reading optimization
  • Battery charge algorithm improvements
  • Movement detection improvements
01.05.00.Rev.00 2016.11.16
  • Remember iButton functionality added
  • ALLCAN 300 functionality Implemented
  • CAN parameters handling improvements
  • LV-CAN200/ALL-CAN300 parameters data handling improvements
  • Default configuration parameter change: Stop detection source -> Msensor
01.03.02.Rev.00 2016.10.04
  • Added H910-GL Modem support
  • Added FM3602 HW support
  • Record size optimization
01.02.01.Rev.00 2016.08.04
  • Added GNSS state element (0-5)
  • Added Quectel UC20 support
  • Idling scenario and configurable ignition timeout functionality added for authorized driving/immobilizer scenarios
  • Continuous odometer function added
  • TTJ ID added
  • Telit and Quectel hardware support added
  • Added ignition detection timeout setting
  • Igntion timeout configuration added
  • iButton list configuration improvements.
  • Deep sleep improvements
  • Data sending optimization
  • CSQ calculation improved
  • SIM card initialization improved
  • Configuration via FOTA improved
  • Dallas temperature sensor data handling improvements
  • Overspeeding scenario improvements
  • Fixed double event record saving
  • Signal level calculation optimization
  • Cell ID IO element changed to 4 bytes
  • Changed modem turn on, turn off to proper edition
  • Offline/online log improvements.
01.00.02.Rev.00 2016.02.04
  • Protection from incorrect power voltage configuration added
  • Added battery unlock function
  • Predefined number SMS functionality improvements.