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FMB20X Small and professional waterproof tracker with high gain internal GNSS/GSM antennas and high capacity internal Ni-MH battery

Quick Start Guide


How to insert micro SIM card into FMB20X

1. Open FMB20X case using screwdriver.

2. Remove FMB20X case.

3. Insert SIM card as shown.

4. Connect battery connector as shown.

5. Attach case, and screw in the screws.

6. Device is ready.

Case7.png Case4.png Case2.png

Case5.png Case3.png Case6.png

Cable colors

Wire color Pin name Description
204 connector.png
Red VCC (6-30)V DC (+) Power supply (+6...30 V DC).
Black GND (-) Ground.
Yellow DIN 1 Digital input, channel 1.
White/Green DIN 2 Digital input, channel 2.
White DIN 3 Digital input, channel 3.
Grey AIN 1 Analog input, channel 1. Input range: 0-30 V DC.
White/Orange DOUT 1 Digital output, channel 1. Open collector output. Max. 3,3 A DC.
Violet DOUT 2 Digital output, channel 2. Open collector output. Max. 3,3 A DC.
Green 1WIRE DATA Data channel for 1–Wire devices.
Blue 1WIRE POWER +3,8 V output for 1–Wire devices.