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This section is an explanation of LED indications on an FMB1YX device.

Navigation LED Indications

Behaviour Meaning
Permanently switched on GNSS signal is not received
Blinking every second Normal mode, GNSS is working
Off GNSS is turned off because:
Device is not working
Device is in sleep mode
Blinking fast constantly Device firmware is being flashed

Status LED Indications

Behaviour Meaning
Blinking every second Normal mode
Blinking every two seconds Sleep mode
Blinking fast for a short time Modem activity
Off Device is not working
Device is in boot mode

CAN Status LED indications

Behaviour Meaning
Blinking fast constantly Reading CAN data from vehicle
Permanently switched on CAN unit unresponsive
Off Wrong program number or wrong wire connection or CAN processor is in sleep mode = CAN data not received