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Device is ready to be mounted.
Device is ready to be mounted.

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Teltonika FMB209 is a SPECIAL waterproof tracker with Bluetooth connectivity and integrated backup battery. Device was designed to meet Indian government regulation AIS 140

FMB209 00 Demo.png

How to insert Micro-SIM card and connect the battery

  1. Unscrew 6 screws counterclockwise that are located on the bottom of the FMB209 device.
  2. Remove the cover.
  3. Insert Micro-SIM card as shown with PIN request disabled or read Security info how to enter it later in Teltonika Configurator. Make sure that Micro-SIM card cut-off corner is pointing forward to slot.
  4. Connect battery as shown to device.
  5. After configuration, see “PC Connection (Windows)”, attach device cover back and screw in all screws.

Device is ready to be mounted.

FMB208 cover 1.pngFMB208 cover 2.pngFMB208 cover 3.pngFMB208 cover 4.pngFMB208 cover 5.png

Micro-SIM card insertion/removal must be performed when device is powered off – external voltage and internal battery disconnected. Otherwise Micro-SIM card might be damaged or device will not detect it.

Cable colors

208 connector.png
Red VCC (10-30)V DC (+) Power supply (+10...30 V DC)
Black GND (-) Ground
Yellow DIN 1 Digital input, channel 1
White/Green DIN 2 Digital input, channel 2
White DOUT 1 Digital Output Channel 1
Grey AIN 1/DIN 3 Analog input, channel 1. Input range: 0-30 V DC/Digital input channel 3
White/Orange RS232-TX Output for data transmission through RS-232
Violet RS232-RX Input for data reception through RS-232
Green AIN 2/DIN 4 Analog input, channel 2. Input range: 0-30 V DC/Digital input channel 4
Blue DOUT 2 Digital output 2