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Bw nb.png In SIM2 Roaming/Home Operator list home operator must be added to the any part of the list that functionality works correctly.
Fmb120 operator search.png

FMB1YX has two SIM card slots. GPRS settings and Roaming Operators can be configured separately for SIM1 and SIM2. In SIM2 Roaming/Home Operator list home operator must be added to any part of the list to enable correct functionality. Dual SIM operator search functionality works the following way:

  • SIM1 and SIM2 home operators have the highest priority;
  • When device is connected to home operator, manual roaming operator search is disabled;
  • When device is disconnected from home operator, operator search procedure is initiated as normal every 15 minutes;
  • SIM1 Roaming Operators list has higher priority then SIM2 Roaming Operator list.
  • When the device finds a new operator from SIM1/SIM2 lists – it switches to new SIM according to the list and connects to the new operator.

Fmb120 dual sim.png