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Electrical characteristics

Characteristic description Value
Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Supply Voltage:
Supply Voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) +10 +30 V
Digital Output (Open Drain grade):
Drain current (Digital Output OFF) 120 µA
Drain current (Digital Output ON, Recommended Operating Conditions) 3.3 mA
Static Drain-Source resistance (Digital Output ON) 300
Digital Input:
Input resistance (DIN1) 47
Input voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) 0 Supply voltage V
Input Voltage threshold (DIN1) 2.5 V
Analog Input:
Input voltage (Recommended Operating Conditions) 0 +30 V
Input resistance 150
Measurement error on 12V 0.9 %
Additional error on 12 V 108 mV
Measurement error on 30 V 0.33 %
Additional error on 30 V 88 mV
Bw nb.png Analog Input error margin can increase if temperature varies.