Universal Device Test Guide V1

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Thank you for joining Teltonika by purchasing our device!

We have good news for you - even though our devices have very different functionalities and features, they can be managed using the same OTA (Over-The-Air) or desktop platforms, thus this means convenient and time saving solution.

Even though our devices are simple to use, they have a very wide range of possible applications. Please check out our several use cases examples.

Although our devices are simple to use, sometimes a few questions can appear. In case you have any questions regarding Teltonika devices or their features, do not worry - we have a well of knowledge, called Teltonika WIKI, Crowd Support Forum and our Official Youtube Channel, where you can find answers regarding all of our devices functionalities and specifications.

Even if you do not find answers to your questions online - do not despair, we have a highly professional team of support engineers who are willing to help and can be reached via VIP Helpdesk.

Furthermore, below you can find more basic information which would be the best guide for getting used to our device.

Basic Testing

Basic Testing description. Hyperlink here.

Advanced Testing

Basic Testing description. Hyperlink here.

Communication protocols

Communication protocols description. Hyperlink here.

FOTA WEB Solution

FOTA WEB – a brand new and exciting solution for remote access to your Teltonika Fleet management devices! FOTA WEB enables firmware upgrades and configuration changes of FMB devices without a need of a dedicated application – everything is achieved through your regular Web browser, from any device. For more information click here. If you would like to have your own FOTA WEB account, please contact your Sales Manager.

Moreover, we also have a desktop FOTA WEB solution: FOTA WEB is an old solution, which is mainly used for updating old (FM5300, FMA120 etc.) devices. We strongly advise to use our newest FOTA WEB platform for OTA changes. FOTA WEB also could be used in rare cases when the FOTA WEB is unavailable. FOTA WEB (Firmware Over The Air) solution allows the advanced device firmware and configuration update over the air and eliminates the need of connecting the device to the computer for firmware or configuration update. You can update your entire fleet with just few clicks. For more information about FOTA WEB solution, please contact your Sales Manager.

WEB Tacho solution

Teltonika WEB Tacho is an online service that allows to remotely download Tachograph files from supported tachographs, using Teltonika professional trackers. Files are stored on server, in defined format (.DDD, .V1B, .C1B, .TGD). Files can be downloaded – directly from the website, receive in Email, receive to defined FTP server. For more information click here.