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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about ADAS solution. Please check answers here, if you will not find answer then fill the Helpdesk query.

Frequently asked questions regarding ADAS solution

Question Comments
DVR records scenes as HD + HD resolutions into SD card before and after an accident (Every minute in a loop). Is this a default setting for ADAS filming or it is a special function? As you know, SD card has 3 folders as bellows evt_rec, ory_rec and usr-rec. Continuous recording vides are saved at the folder of ory_rec every minute in a loop. A video file filmed 20sec. before and 10 sec. after an accident (Total 30 sec.) is saved at the folder of evt_rec.
How to generate an event of the crash just to shake ADAS? If we want to test this feature? (crash) Yes, you can shake it or hit it. Video files are generated when G-shock event is happening and will be saved to evt_rec folder.
Do I need to have a special program in order to view video files from SD card? You can play video files in any PC video viewing application, but if you want to play a video with ADAS event icons, please use the Movon PC Viewer. External Link to Official Movon website.
If I connect ADAS standard to ADAS plus display, will I be able to receive ADAS plus functionality or is this functionality not compatible? Standard ADAS system can work with ADAS plus LCD display. You can also connect ADAS plus with ADAS standard LED display.
What is the maximum length of the video that the ADAS solution can record and store? If we take an example of 1hour videos which could take up to around 2.5 GB of space (default settings), the recording time for 16 GB SD card can be taken to about 6.4 hours.
What would be the resolution quality of each video size if you take 1 GB, 1.5 GB, 2.5 GB, 4,2 GB? Would it be standard resolution for all of these video sizes? The resolution for all of the video sizes are 1280x720 HD quality and 30 frame rate however, quality (compression) is different. 4.2 GB per hour is 100%, 2.5 GB is 75%, 1.0 GB is 50%. In case of 1.5GB, quality (compression) is around 60%.
I do not see file size configuration option in my DVR dashcam setup, is this a bug? Please check the installed firmware in the device, Rev.0.5.88 is the FW version that supports file size configuration, so anything lower than this, will not have this option available e.g. Rev.0.5.86.
The client has issue with playing video files on different video viewers. Unfortunately, the videos were entirely black. No image nor any object can be seen. You can download our MDAS PC viewer from Movon official website official website, or we recommend you to download VLC media player.
Could you please clarify the difference between the working mode and driving mode? Driving mode means the case that one of ADAS events or multiple ADAS events are showing on the LCD indicator. Working mode means the case that LCD indicator is working even though any ADAS events are not showing on the LCD indicator.
How is video quality different of 9C ADAS camera device compared to 9B ADAS camera device? Is 1-hour video not available for 9C device? 9C’s video quality/compression rate is 700Kbps/30% and one video file’s size is 15MB per 2 minutes, one video file is saved at SD card every two minutes in a loop. So, if you use 16G SD card, it has about 35-hour-long video files.
I have a question about snapshot/photo, since we have two resolutions for it, 640x480 and 1280x720. What will be the compression of this photo/snapshot by default since we cannot change the compression? 30%'s video compression is the best one when considering the video/snapshot transmission period from ADAS to FM tracker via RS232.
Can ADAS with S/N of 9B work together with FMx125 devices and get speed data while ADAS with S/N of 9C can? Incorrect, 9B can get speed data from FMx125 devices, ADAS with S/N of 9C can only get data from FMx640 devices.
Does the ADAS system takes into consideration the lane lines for LDW? Does it consider if the lines on the street are continuous or not? Yes, ADAS considers the lane lines. ADAS algorithm detects the line not split it to if it continues or not.
LDW can be set up from calibration and as wiki page indicates, it can help to set up the activation speed. In case of using the FMC640, there is also LDW settings on the configurator, if client uses this, will it overwrite the set-up from calibration mode? If using the FMC125, will it just work with the activation speed set on calibration mode? If you calibrate ADAS on the web page and later want to change the event settings, you can do so using the FMC640 configurator, and ADAS will rewrite the parameters. The only way to change settings using FMC125 is to connect ADAS to the web page and modify the settings. However, please note that the first calibration must be done on the web page because car parameters can only be entered there.
Are the videos from camera saved on the SD card using the H265 compression format as in dual cam? Can they be read using the same videoplayer software? ADAS stores videos in the MP4 format, so to simply watch a video, you only need a standard player. However, if you want to view a video according to a specific event such as LDW or PCW, then you need a special player which can be found on the Movon main page.