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The ADAS is an advanced driver safety system designed to save lives, increase awareness of bad driving habits & record driving statistics (with video) for fleet management users and conventional drivers alike. Together with Teltonika's FMX6 trackers, all collected information including ADAS IO and can be forwarded to the server of choice even the video and photo requests or even event triggers which can occur when accidents happen. This installation manual highlights the most important information required and assumes an experienced installer uses common industry practices for a successful integration.

Teltonika's FMX125 & FMX225 supports ADAS IO information ONLY, image and video requests are not supported for FMX125 & FMX225. Please also note when ordering, ADAS cameras that start with S/N numbers of 9B are integrated to work with FMX125/225 while devices that start with S/N numbers of 9C will only work with FMX6. In the event you receive a camera with a Serial Number starting with "9B," it is crucial to check for a red circle sticker on the camera. The presence of this red sticker indicates that the camera, despite its "9B" Serial Number, is actually compatible with FMX6 devices, functioning equivalently to cameras with a "9C" Serial Number. This is due to the serial numbers being pre-attached to the camera case by the manufacturer and remaining constant for warranty purposes. If your camera with a "9B" Serial Number has this red sticker, proceed to connect it to a computer, install the required drivers, and visit IP in a browser. Here, you will find more details about the camera, which will confirm its compatibility with FMX6 devices, as the actual Serial Number displayed will start with "9C.


Manual & Documentation

Pdf icon.png ADAS Datasheet (EN) (Updated on: 2023-07-24)

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