FMB641 Promotional Material

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High definition photos

FMB641 4000X4000 1.png
FMB641 4000X4000 2.png
FMB641 4000X4000 3.png
FMB641 4000X4000 4.png
FMB641 4000X4000 5.png
FMB641 FMB641 FMB641 FMB641 FMB641

FMB641 4000X4000 6.png
FMB641 4000X4000 7.png
FMB641 4000X4000 8.png
FMB641 4000X4000 9.png
FMB641 FMB641 FMB641 FMB641

Key feature icons

Dual m v2.png
Tachograph RS232/RS485 Battery Dual SIM Processor