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From Teltonika Configurator version 1.7.30 is required to update .NET framework version to 5.x.x because of added interactive Tool Tips let which lead to the corresponding Teltonika Telematics Wiki page in terms of functionality. For instance:

Click on Info icon: You will be lead to Teltonika Telematics Wiki page of the feature:
Interactive tool tips.png
Wiki page by interactive tool tip.png

Because of this improvement, you need to do an update of the .NET framework version by the below provided steps.

Steps how to install .NET Runtime for Desktop

  1. When you will get a notification about the installation of the newer .NET framework version, please click on the Yes button:
    .NET framework 1.png
  2. Then, when you will receive the below-provided window, please click on the Download x86 button which you will find under Run desktop apps:
    .NET framework2.png
  3. In a pop-up window please click on Save File button:
    .NET framework3.png
  4. Then, open the file and start the installation of the .NET framework:
    .NET framework4.png
  5. After successful installation, please try to open Teltonika Configurator for fleet management, again.

Ways to determine the required version

  1. After you will get a notification about the installation of the newer .NET framework version open the Run dialog by pressing Windows+R.
    .NET framework 1.png
    2. Type eventvwr (or eventvwr.msc) and click OK
    Run eventvwr.png
    3. Expand Windows Logs Selection and Right click on Application
    Applications eventvwr.pngFilter eventvwr.png
    4. Press Filter Current Log. In the pop-up table select Event levels as indicated on the screen-shot (Critical, Warning, Error) and select Logged time to Last Hour and click OK
    Filters eventwr.png

    5. In the column Source of the list displayed, find the latest event .NET Runtime. The General description will show the required version.
    Error eventvwr.png

Additional Notes

Note No. 1: in some cases, the x64 version should be installed as well like when using Windows 11.
Note No. 2: when after installing the x86 version the Teltonika Configurator is still not running, please try to install the x64 version.