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Alarm is a function that can be triggered only by button. When alarm is triggered, event with IO ID 236 is generated. After that SMS and call can be processed.
Data sending follows this order:

  1. Record via GPRS
  2. SMS Event
  3. Call

Also added special parameter “SMS Sending method”. This parameter describes when SMS event should be sent. If selected method is “after GPRS fail”. At first device tries to connect to GPRS context using configured APN. If it does not connect device sends sms event to configured number. If method is “always” sms will be sent at two possibilities: when GPRS failed or records are sent to server.

Bw nb.png NOTE! To enable alarm functionality, keyboard functionality has to be configured to trigger alarm.


  • Send SMS To specifies the phone number from 10 GSM Predefined Numbers list to which SMS text will be sent.
  • Call To specifies the phone number from 10 GSM Predefined Numbers list to which alarm call will be made.
  • SMS Text defines SMS text that will be sent when tamper event is generated.
Alarm configuration parameter list with parameter IDs, min, max and default values:
Parameter ID Name Min Max Default
7245 Send SMS To 0 10 0
8245 SMS Text 0 0 Alarm
11711 Order Priority 0 - Call 1 - Record 0 - Call
11712 Call To 0 65500 3
Bw nb.png NOTE! Calling functionality is not active, when Alarm is selected for Event Notification functionality.