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Amber Alert scenario for GH5200

The purpose for the Amber Alert function is for lone workers to be able to start a countdown timer when entering a dangerous situation and start a call. Countdown timer lasts for as long as they expect to stay in this situation. If the timer is not cancelled before it ends, an SOS alert will be sent from the device and a call will be made to a configured emergency contact.

Amber Alert scenario:

A social worker, goes to a 20 story building where position can be acquired by a Satellite signal. Entering a potentially dangerous location, an Amber Alert activation button is pushed to make a call, that a person is going to X location. Once the button is pushed, a configured countdown timer starts, for example, 20 minutes. An user can extend a countdown by pushing a button again to extend the time. If an user gets attacked by the client in the dangerous location, when the countdown timer ends, an emergency call is triggered and call is initiated to inform the authorities where the user can be found.

  • When Amber Alert button is pushed, a time-out countdown starts.
  • Before the countdown, Pre-Alarm event is generated, which indicates that an Alarm Event is going to be activated, if the button to cancel the Alarm is not pushed in time.
  • After time-out countdown ends, if an user has not clicked a button to cancel Amber Alert, an Alarm Event is generated and a Call to the configured number or an SMS message is sent.

Amber Alert description:

Amber Alert is a function that can be enabled by pre configured buttons. When the function is enabled, count down timer starts and event with I/O ID 400 is generated. After that SMS and call to initial number can be processed. The duration of the initial call is limited to 60s. When the count down timer is disabled, event with IO ID 400 is generated and SMS with call to alarm number can be processed. If conversation time is less than 5s, device will repeat the call up to 10 times. The duration of the alarm call is unlimited. If Deactivate after alarm call option is enabled, the feature will be turned off as soon as a successful alarm call ends.

Extend timer

The count down timer can be restarted to initial value by pressing button with “Amber Alert On” action. Value is equal to “Timeout” value.

Without timer

Functionality can be used without a count down timer. “Timeout” must be set to "Disable". Device generates event with IO ID 400 with value 4 and SMS with call can be processed. The functionality then shuts down automatically, but no more events are generated.


Pre-Alarm indication will start when the count down timer value is less then configured Pre-Alarm value. The Pre-Alarm start time can be calculated by subtracting the Pre-Alarm value from the Timeout value.


The Timeout value is 1800s and the Pre-Alarm value is 300s. 1800 - 300 = 1500. When the feature was enabled, the Pre-Alarm will start after 1500s. No records are created when Pre-Alarm indication starts.

1. In order to start GH5200 Amber Alert testing you should download testing firmware, configurator.

2. Open configurator and connect GH5200:


3. Update device with the latest Amber Alert firmware version and up:


NOTE! After firmware update – format device memory by pressing Format as shown below. Format button is on "Status" section.

Format GH.png

4. If you plan to use server - configure APN, server address and port. These settings can be found in GPRS section.

Server info GH.png

In configurator, Amber Alert configuration looks like in the figure below.


Timeout: Defines time until Amber Alert alarm is processed.
Pre-Alarm: Sets the remaining time, when the pre-alarm should be triggered.
Order Priority: Defines call or record priority.
When Call is selected, device will call to defined number and creates Amber Alert record.
When Record is selected, device will create Amber Alert record and calls to defined number.
Initial call number: Select a number from 10 GSM Predefined Numbers list to which alarm call will be made.
Alarm call number: Select a number from 10 GSM Predefined Numbers list to which alarm call will be made.
Send SMS To:Selects number from 10 GSM Predefined Numbers list to which Amber Alert SMS will be send.
SMS Text:Defines SMS text that will be send when Amber Alert event will be generated.

Keyboard actions

In the example below, the buttons are configured as following:

  • 1 - Click: Amber Alert On
  • 2 - Click: Amber Alert Off
  • Long Click: Amber Alert Switch


Action Description Button action Text message
Amber Alert On Enables Amber Alert feature or resets count down timer to initial value. GH5200 AmberAlert on 300px no text.gif Amber Alert Val 1.png
Amber Alert Off Disables Amber Alert feature. GH5200 AmberAlertSwitch on 300px no text.gif Amber Alert Val 0.png
Amber Alert Switch Toggles On or toggles Off Amber Alert feature. Reset count down timer functionality is not available on this button. GH5200 AmberAlert longClick 300px no text.gif Amber Alert Val 0.pngAmber Alert Val 1.png

Bw nb.png NOTE! Amber Alert feature should be enabled using configured keyboard buttons.

When Amber Alert alarm event is generated, following text message is sent:

Amber Alert Val 3.png

AVL ID and Data Structure

Amber Alert feature sends records with AVL ID 400 and AVL ID 401.

AVL ID 400
Cause Value
Turned Off 0
Turned On, count down timer started 1
Amber Alert On button pressed to restart active timer 2
Alarm 3
Amber Alert turned On, when timer is set to 0 seconds 4
AVL ID 401 Sends Amber Alert time-out configured value.

When Amber Alert is Turned Off:




Amber Alert Feature is Turned On, count down timer started:




Amber Alert Count down timer has been restarted:




Amber Alert Alarm event:




Example of the server view:
Note: In the example shown, Time-out has been configured to 60 seconds.

AmberAlert-Server view.png