Auto APN feature for FM trackers

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How does Auto APN work

THE Auto APN feature allows the device to select the correct APN from integrated into the firmware APN database. Tracker after turning ON will automatically search APN settings depending on the inserted SIM card. When correct APN settings will be detected device will connect to the internet and FOTA server to check for configuration and firmware update.

• Auto APN is available using a special firmware version (This feature will be added to base firmware version, you can monitor new firmware releases here. Contact your sales manager to receive devices with this firmware from the factory or for testing purposes.).

• Firmware with Auto APN at the moment is compatible with: FMB1YX, FMB0X0, FMB9YX, MTB100, FMB2YX.

• To expand the Auto APN list with a new APN or private APN for clients who using VPN’s - contact your sales manager.

How to configure Auto APN

Make sure the device is updated to the required firmware version which has this feature. Devices ordered from the factory with such a firmware version will already have an uploaded APN list. Otherwise, if you updating your FM to this version, to have the Auto APN feature you will need to upload the APN list into FM.


1. Connect to the device using configurator and look for Transfer APN file section under GPRS tab. Press the Upload button and locate your APN_list.bin file. (binary APN list can be named differently, make sure to use the correct file).

The file can be downloaded here: Download zip.png

File Transfer.png

2. Wait for the file upload confirmation shown below.

Success Auto APN.png

3. If the APN_list.bin file is already uploaded to the device file Download and Delete options will be displayed. You can not upload another file if there is a file on the device so you must delete the old file from the device. When deleting wait for file delete confirmation.

Transfer APN File Delete.png

Check whether an APN is supported

To check whether the APN you are interested in is supported, please enter MCC, MNC of the SIM provider, and the APN name you are trying to use in the form below.

NOTE: Make sure to enter the full APN name and MCC, MNC according to this format MCC, MNC, APN, since only then a proper check will be conducted