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Blue Coin ID

Blue ID description

The Blue ID works as a beacon, which can allow users to track and identify trucks, tippers and containers on industrial sites using Bluetooth. This BLE sensor constantly broadcasts its own ID, which can be detected by FMB devices that support Beacons.

Technical Data

  • Battery: Lifecycle up to 5 years
  • Bluetooth: 2,4 GHz - Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0/4.2
  • NFC: Supported
  • Dimensions: ø 36 mm base - Thickness 10 mm - 2 mounting ø 3 mm holes, spaced of 32 mm
  • Weight: 11 g
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP68 (Waterproof)
  • Transmission range: Up to 200 meters (open field)
  • Transmission period: 0,1 to 10 second (programmable)
  • Regulatory:
    • CE (Europe)*: EN 300 328/ EN 301 489 & EN 55032 / EN 62368-1
    • FCC (USA)*: FCC 15.247 / FCC PT 15B
    • ISED/IC (Canada)*: RSS-247 / ICES-003
    • RoHS certified

(*) Certification in progress

Using Blue ID with Teltonika FMB1 devices

Configuring Teltonika Device

1. Connect the device to the configurator and go to Bluetooth settings. Make sure that BT Radio is set to Enable (visible) or Enable (hidden)

BTRadio Enable.png

2. Go to Beacon List, set Beacon Detection to All or Configured. When using configured, the beacon information will have to be entered in order for the device to be able to detect the beacon. Beacon information should be entered in this format:

iBeacon Eddystone
UUID:Major:Minor Namespace:Instance ID

An example can be seen in the figure below.

BeaconList Configured.png

3. Enable Codec 8 Extended Data protocol by going to System -> Data Protocol.

Configurator DataProtocol.png

Configuring Blue ID Beacon

1. In order for the Blue ID beacon to start transmitting data, it will have to be turned on. To enable your BLE sensors or BLE Beacons use the Device Manager Mobile application. Your phone or device that is used for configuring BLE Sensors or Beacons has to have NFC (configurations are written to a sensor or beacon through NFC).

Below you can find on how to Enable and configure Coin ID or Puck ID to send in the iBeacon format:

Blue Configuration.png

After configuring the settings, press Write tag and then attach the Beacon you are configuring. Once the tag is written successfully, the beacon will be enabled and will use the settings configured in the app.